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STM32W108CZ Access to True Random Number Generator

Question asked by wilson.tom on Mar 5, 2013

Per the datasheet,

Random number generator

Thermal noise in the analog circuitry is digitized to provide entropy for a true randomnumber generator (TRNG). The TRNG produces 16-bit uniformly distributed numbers. TheSoftware can use the TRNG to seed a pseudo random number generator (PNRG). TheTRNG is also used directly for cryptographic key generation. 

    The STM32W108 micro controllers have a true random number generator. I cannot find any way to access this hardware feature. I do find a reference to stmRadioGetRandomNumbers in the simplemac-library.lib file, but not in the SimpleMAC library reference manual nor in the datasheet or Std Peripheral LIbrary code or programming manual. Is this a feature that is available for application use?