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BlueNRG-Ms dual role and stack mode

Question asked by 69761 on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by Antonio Vilei

I'd like to have some clarifcations regarding BLUENRG-MS capacities to handle multiple simultaneous connection as a Master and  Slave device.
From what I undertand, the chip have to configured with Stack Mode 4 (or Mode 3)  to enable simultaneous master / slave / scan / advertize behaviour.
But I can't find exactly which simultaneous connection are possible (for example: connected as a master to 2 devices, and connected as a slave to another device while scan and advertising is still active).

Are the following configurations possible with BlueNRG-MS ?

1) Device(BlueNRG-MS) connected to 1 master, advertising and scanning still active.
2) Device(BlueNRG-MS) connected simultaneously to 2 masters, scanning still active (i.e. able to received advertising data from other devices)
3) Device(BlueNRG-MS) connected simultaneously to 1 master and 1 slave

Is there any document describing the Stack Mode 4 and Mode 3 behavior ?

Thank you