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STM32f051C6 PF6/7 AF for I2C

Question asked by gnoss.juergen on Feb 26, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2013 by eaglewatch
Hello, I try to make I2C on PF6/7 on the STM32F051C6  (48 Pin device) working.

To get what AF to use, Ref man points to the datasheet. But the datasheet is not clear to me, it has a AF Table for PortA and PortB
and  Table 13 Pin definitions  says
PIN 35 - - PF6 I/O FT I2C2_SCL
PIN 36 - - PF7 I/O FT I2C2_SDA

I tried AF0 and AF1 but the chip let me in the dark.
The code I have is working on the STM32F0-discovery
with I2C1 on PB6/7.

Any ideas?