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USART DMA questions

Question asked by RomeyRC on Feb 21, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2013 by RomeyRC
I am having a hard time to make USART RX work in DMA mode. I am using SMT32F103, just want USART2 to communicate with serial monitoring software like hyperterminal... I have had USART2 TX working in core drivn mode, and now just want USART2 RX to work in DMA mode, first with fixed number of bytes and later on with more general timer timeout mode. Here are my questions:
1. can someone upload or provide a link to the example code associated with AN2582? I just need some code to help me understand this USART/DMA concept better. I think AN2582 is a nice approach but too bad it's been removed from ST site, maybe because of the new standard driver lib?
2. can someone provide some c code snippet if you have the USART DMA Idle frame interrupt working? I have seen discussions here but haven't seen any code.
3. about AN3109, in order for the TIM2 to generate a timeout interrupt, do I have to physically connect USART RX to TIM2 (GPIOC_pin_1) input? What if just reset TIM2 inside the USART2_IRQ, and set TIM2 a lower priority than USART2, maybe someone has tried something like this?