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GPIO Pull Up during reset.

Question asked by moya.francisco on Feb 20, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2013 by moya.francisco
Hi everyone!

I connected one STM32F103 GPIO pin configured as OutputPP to -> a STM32F0 GPIO pin configured as Input Floating with EXTI.

While STM32F103 hardware reset, the line is pulled down, so the STM32F0 EXTI is triggered (low edge). This behaviour is unwanted in my procedure.

In the STM32F103 reference manual says: "During and just after reset, the alternate functions are not active and the I/O ports are configured in Input Floating mode"
How can I pull up the line even during reset? I tried forcing it with an external strong pull up but it doesn't work.

I know I could use a buffer, but right now it is not a possibility.

Thanks in advance.

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