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I2C configuration

Question asked by robinson.henry on Feb 15, 2013
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I'm using CMSIS to set up an I2C driver.  As an example device I have an EEPROM - tried and tested on PIC18s, so I've been through the learning curve for I2C - just getting it going on STM32.

Configured CLS and SDA pins as AF_PP.
Written interrupt handlers for EVT/BUF and ERR.
I have enabled the interrupts and called I2C_GenerateSTART()
The interrupt fires, reports SR1 SB bit set; so then I call I2C_Send7bitAddress() with direction_Transmitter

Problem - on logic analyzer, I'm getting the Start + address going out, but then NACK, ie SDA goes high for the 9th bit.

Before you ask, the address is correct; besides, I've tried unplugging the EEPROM and putting a 2k pulldown resistor on SDA.  On a scope, this is enough to pull it down when I tristate it; but when my I2C runs, it shows no sign at all of being pulled down.  (Also this technique worked well when I was working with other processors - useful for eliminating the possibility that it's the EEPROM playing hard to get.)

So I conclude that the processor is not releasing the SDA line in the 9th bit (ACK/NACK).

I have tried all colours and flavours of pixie-dust, nothing seems to work yet.

Any ideas?  I tried configuring the SDA pin as AF_OD but then nothing worked at all, not even the SCL.