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Explaining STM32F4 to a lay person is frustrating

Question asked by fish.death on Feb 15, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2013 by malund.erik
I am currently migrating from F1 to F4. Am getting very frustrated. After many reviews of my presentation on F4, I get feedback that : to a lay person, the current project deliverables does not warrant 12 weeks of work. Right now, I have managed to configure digital I/O (push switch in and LED out), and serial communication via UART.

However, the expectation is that after 12 weeks of work I should at least be working with DSP to dynamically balance a robot.

The current robot software is built on layers upon layers of software.

Either 1) I explain the technicalities regarding What is actually involved to justify what is taking so long - which the assessor is not interested in, doesn't understand or 2) Simplify it just a little so that the assessor has a concrete idea, but the impression is that I take so long just to complete a 'simple' task.

The teaching kits in my school are mostly 8051, but migrating from F1 to F4 is much much more complicated. So I get remarks like "Why would changing the chip take so long?" "Configuring switches and LEDs should be quite simple" and so on.

How would I explain the amount of effort I put into it without being too technical? Need to convince the project assessors that while externally it might not look impressive, it actually takes a lot of work