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Clearing the OCxREF signal on an external event

Question asked by van.icecream on Feb 14, 2013
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As described on STM32F100 manual:
The OCxREF signal for a given channel can be driven Low by applying a High level to the ETRF input (OCxCE enable bit of the corresponding TIMx_CCMRx register set to ‘1’). The OCxREF signal remains Low until the next update event, UEV, occurs.

For example, the OCxREF signal) can be connected to the output of a comparator to be used for current handling.

I am trying to do this, and I am using 3 PWM for BLDC motor control (wich works very well for now but lacks current control). I am using OC1, OC2 and OC3 for PWM generation.
When ETR pin is active (output of a LM258 comparator when over current), ONLY the OC3Ref signal is clear and so I only get PWM channel 3 off on over current while channel 1 and 2 should also be off.
Where is the code configuration for ETR:

  /* configure ETR for current control */

This is an OpenSource motor BLDC controller, project page:

Right now the motor works very well, including the Hall Sensor and Brake (using STM32 hardware for this). The only thing missing is over current control.

Thank you in advance.