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STMF103RET6 program through serial bootloader

Question asked by ebisuzaki.tyler on Feb 14, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2013 by ebisuzaki.tyler
Hi I current have my stm32f1 soldered onto a breakout board, all the pins are soldered correctly, boot 0 is tided to high, boot1 is tied to low, then i reset (1 then 0 then 1). i'm my rx and tx are on pa9 and pa10, but when i try to program through the st flash loader utility, it doesn't work.

when i connect through terminal, i send a 0x7F and it skips the y confirmation bit send back, after that it just echos my input.. does any one have any idea how to fix this? did i forget to tie a pin?

I should note that it can hook up to an st link, but I can't program it serially.. and it was a friends st link... so I know the powers are correctly hooked up

I guess i should also note that i've tried all different baud rates...