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Selecting the best/fastest communication method CPU->CPU

Question asked by MrStive on Feb 11, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2013 by robinson.henry
Hi All,
I'm making a PCB that has two STM32F4 DSP chips across an isolation barrier.
I need the two chips to communicate as fast as possible, with the one chip (slave) passing new values to the other chip's (master's) EEPROM. There will hopefully be quite a few values updated every every ~10uS. Data integrity is important too as the values cant become corrupt and i don't want to spent lots of CPU time error checking the incoming values. The master chip will send back misc data for logging which is less important.
I'd like the received values on the master to go straight to DMA. An ack of the data is probably a good thing too incase it needs to be sent again.

It seems USART is the quickest comm method on the STM32F4, but is this recommended considering I need data integrity? What about I2C or CAN? One of the parallel interfaces?
I want the send and recieve to take up as little CPU time as possible as other code will be running simultaneously with lots of time sensitive interrupts.
Reminder, all communications need to cross an isolation barrier - though i think this should effect all methods equally.

Thanks for your help / suggestions! :)