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STM32F103RB says : USART1 RX versus DMA1_ch1, ready ? Fight !

Question asked by arnal.jean_louis on Feb 8, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2013 by Clive One
Hello everyone.

A week ago, I fought with a STM32F103, trying to get it fill some random buffer with its DMA1_Channel1 controller from its USART1 Rx "events".
But neither the recipient memory would get filled, nor the DMA isr be reached.
Back then, I had no time to deal with such "nifty functionality" as 1200bauds USART to DMA transfers.
So I resorted to the USART1 Rx's interrupt, since 1200.bauds characters are a good laugh to a 72MHz core.
But now, a week later, I still wonder why my previous code didn't work. So I re-implemented it...without success.

Here's a Keil's µVision snapshot of the incriminated peripherals, with the PC sitting on the very first iteration of the main loop. So everything has just been configured by the initialisation routine. Buses clocks, DMA, USART1...

My eyes are playing tricks on me... I can't see where the bug is sitting.

Anyone ?