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STM32F103c8T6 USB Virtual COM Port

Question asked by lampex.esg on Feb 5, 2013
            i am newbe to STM32.and i am using STM32F103C8T6.i have added the USB Lybrary to my code and it was compilled successfully by the gcc compiler(arm-none-eabi).here when i connected my board to PC with USB i am getting "Unrecognised device".is there any thing i need to add code after the "pProperty->Init();" function call in the USB_Init() function.I also connected a 1.5K pull up at D+ of USB.please help me out someone.

            void USB_Init(void)
              pInformation = &Device_Info;
              pInformation->ControlState = 2;
              pProperty = &Device_Property;
              pUser_Standard_Requests = &User_Standard_Requests;
              /* Initialize devices one by one */
            ?????????stuck here to add code