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Trouble reading SD Card SCR Register with SDIO Peripheral

Question asked by Doherty.Rowan.001 on Feb 1, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2014 by francescato.diego
I'm trying to read the SD CARD Configuration Register (SCR) on an SD memory card using the SDIO peripheral and I'm not sure if I'm approaching this in the right way, so I'm hoping someone here may have some experience with this.

This register is 64-bits wide, and appears to be read using a normal 'data read' operation, except that normally data is read in a standard block size (512-bytes).
If I try to read only 9 bytes (8 data plus 1 CRC), I get an error (the block read throws errors such as CRC failed, etc) and the data FIFO buffer appears to corrupt (all 32-bit words change to the same value).

Is there a special way I am meant to configure the Data Path State Machine in order to read this register without causing errors.