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Are all STM32W108 cpu revision compatible with SimpleMAC?

Question asked by svensson.andreas on Feb 1, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2013 by martin.sergio
Hi all,

I have been working with the STM32W-RFCKIT and the Contiki OS without any problems.
Now I have made my own board based on  the SPZB32W1x2.1 module. When trying to make my board talk with the mb951 and the mb950 nothing happens. The SimpleMAC version used in the Contiki OS is 1.0.2.

Now I have read about the different revisions of the STM32W108 core and it seems that only the STM32W108CBU64 core have support for the SimpleMAC library accordingly to the CPU documentation.
But reading the SimpleMAC documentation it states that from version 1.1.0 all STM32W CPUs is supported.

Is there anyone that can sort this out for me?

I have now tried to use SimpleMAC 1.1.0 talk demo with my board and the mb950 with sucess. So it seems to me that the older version of SimpleMAC included in Contiki don't support my CPU.

I tried to change the version in Contiki to 1.1.0 but it would didn't work. It complains about double definitions of functions defined in the hal when changing the library and hal package.

Have anyone tried to change from an earlier version of SimpleMAC to a more recent before?
What do I have to think about when doing it?