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USART - Sending break characters on RS485 bus

Question asked by noxfeld.michel on Jan 30, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2013 by Andrew Neil
Hi all,
I can't figure out whether the TC flag is set at the end of a break character or not.
I use a GPIO to enable TX mode on the RS485 transceiver at the end of any transmission I normally monitor the TC flag and disable 485 TX mode when TC=1.
Sending a break character is not like sending data and there is nothing in the manual that explains if the TC is set at the end of a break character or not.

Anyone knows?

The ref.manual says:
Break characters
Setting the SBK bit transmits a break character. The break frame length depends on the M
bit (see Figure 223). If the SBK bit is set to ‘1 a break character is sent on the TX line after completing the current character transmission. This bit is reset by hardware when the break character is completed.