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DMA to SDIO NDTR Problem

Question asked by PICguy on Jan 23, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2014 by Doherty.Rowan.001
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I have much the same problem as wilczewski.jeffrey.  I see it on my F4 Discovery board.  If his problem is the same then it’s the DMA2_S3CR_bit.EN = 1; line that makes the problem.  I have single stepped through my SD card assembly code and watched NDTR go from 0x0080 to 0xFFFF when setting EN=1.

With NDTR set incorrectly the DMA completion interrupt never happens.  Always I see 0xFF7F words remaining until DMA completion.  At least the data transfer part of DMA works.

I’ve tried several ways to set EN=1.  All useful ways cause the NDTR change including following the sample F4 Discovery code which uses bit band addressing to set EN=1.  (Using the debugger and playing around with the enable flag I was able to set things such that EN=1 and NDTR=0x0080.)

I tried the idea from van_hooft.frank.001.  Changing the flow controller did not work.  FWIW, sample F4 Discovery code sets the peripheral as flow controller.