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Compilation problem with Atollic and STM32F100

Question asked by Numb on Jan 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2013 by Numb
Hello everybody
I use a STM32F100 micro with Atollic.
I have created a new project and imported some files I needed. The problem is that, when I compile, I get the following error:

\Debug/..\firmware\CMSIS\CM3\DeviceSupport\ST\STM32F10x\startup\TrueSTUDIO/startup_stm32f10x_hd_vl.s:103: undefined reference to `_sidata'

I have the same problem for _ebss, sdata, sbss...
In my linker file, I have this :

/* used by the startup to initialize data */
_sidata = .;
/* Initialized data sections goes into RAM, load LMA copy after code */
.data : AT ( _sidata )
. = ALIGN(4);
_sdata = .; /* create a global symbol at data start */
*(.data) /* .data sections */
*(.data*) /* .data* sections */
. = ALIGN(4);
_edata = .; /* define a global symbol at data end */
} >RAM

Does someone have the solution for that? Thanks