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Cannot install STM32W Composite Device

Question asked by lala.gopal_lal on Jan 23, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2014 by v.bart

Yesterday i have taken a STM32W RFC kit, in the user manual of RFC kit in section 1.8.2 it is given that
"To use the serial communication channel on the kit application boards, a Virtual COM port driver for STM32F103xx must be installed. This driver is provided within each RF software library package."
I have installed virtual com port driver for stm32F103xx from st site, after installing, i connect the RFC kit, it tried to install "STM32W Composite Device", and it is unable to find the required file and it is saying that cannot install STM32W Composite Device. But basic communication using the talk demonstration application is working fine. Because of virtual driver problem i am unable to use stm32w_flasher utility, i dont know what could be the problem? Am i missing anything? Is any one used this? help me

Thanks in Advance