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Simple GPIO Question

Question asked by Rio on Jan 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2013 by Rio
First off, please bear with me as I am new to this new environment.....The board I am using is the STM32VL. Looking at the user manual, I found the description of the pins that I want to use for simple output push/pull. The user manual says that the "main function" is the same as the pin name (ie. PB10 --> Port B10). Now I have successfully been able to use other pins to do this simple output. The problem seems to be with a few certain pins. I have the pin, mode and speed already configured as well as the port clock speed that the pins are on. What am I doing wrong with these certain pins? I do not want to use their alternate functions, just their primary function for a simple high/low output...Any help would be appreciated.