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OPAMP1 in STM32L151 how to turn on ?

Question asked by polyakov.mikhail on Jan 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2013 by lowpowermcu
Hello  everybody !

How to turn on OPAMP1 in STM32L151 ?
Under debug (I use Keil + Ulink)   I see the content of OPAMP_CSR register.  All bits are 0 after the reset of the processor.  But according to datasheet, after reset some bits must be 1.
When I try to set any bit to 1 , it stay at 0.
OPAMP1 behaves as if this peripheral is switched off or clocking of this peripheral is switched off.  But there is no bits related to OPAMP in RCC.

What am i do wrong ?  How to turn on  OPAMP1 ?