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System Memory Boot on STM32L15x

Question asked by fisher.burns on Jan 16, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2013 by fisher.burns
I'm developing an application on a STM32L Discovery card (with an STM32L152 MCU), although our final target is an STM32L151.  I wanted to try out the system memory boot mode, that is boot0=1, boot1=0, and then using the UART.  I have the latest STM Flash Loader Demonstrator connected to the specified pins for USART1.  Several different results:  One of my Discovery boards has a revision X MCU.  In at least one of those, the loader demo program finds nothing and times out.  One also has rev W.  On this one, the loader demo connects but then claims that the return value is wrong (and suggests no avail.).  I also connected this setup to a terminal emulator.  With the rev W MCU, typing on the termEm echoes.  With rev X, nothing.

So the question becomes:  Does it make sense that the X rev does not have the loader, and the X rev does have it but it is buggy?  Or does the demo loader program not support this particular MCU?  How about the STM32L151?