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OV7670 with stm32f4-discovery?

Question asked by ctc.ctc on Jan 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2015 by tag.aseok
I have a project with OV7670 with stm32f4-discovery. My OV7670 has 16 pins and without fifo. And I don't have LCD. I hope I can use OV7670 to get view into stm32f4 and transmit data to smart phone and get the real time video.

I download a sample code and modify value and buffer position. But I still have no idea how to get a complete picture from ov7670. Now I set ov7670 with QCIF format(176*144) and RGB565. I set stm32f4 dcmi to snapshot that I can get one picture at one time. Then I dump the buffer memory to android phone and use bitmap to transform a picture from the raw data. But I can get only black with black view, and other color become dark purple-red just like the attach picture. So I  use black paper to do some test. The first image of picture is that I cover the upper part of ov7670 with black paper. Second is cover upper-right part. Third, is cover upper-left part. I can only find that the second black add third black almost equal first black. But I have no idea why there are purple-red color. Here is my code: 

I'm learning the embedded system. Though I'm try many ways as I can figure out, but it didn't work at all. Can anyone give me some direction how can I do? Thanks a lot.