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TIM2 Output Only CH3/4

Question asked by pettersson.rober.001 on Jan 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2013 by pettersson.rober.001
Here is a STM32F103-question.
TIM2 is using TIM_OCMode_PWM1 and TIM_OPMode_Single (one-pulse mode).

Im using TIM2 CH1 for (internal) triggering ADC injected reads using a compare. 
Im using TIM2 CH2 for (internal) triggering ADC regular reads using another compare.
TIM2 CH1 and CH2 is therefore not connected to any IO-pins.

But now I need to generate a PWM-signal on output pins PB10/11 which is TIM2-CH3/CH4.

IS it possible (at all) to use the TIM2 in this way, meaning CH1/CH2 not connected to any IO-pins and CH3/CH4 connected to PB10/11 ?

The way I understand it, if I use the remap, it will hook up TIM2-CH3/CH4 to PB10/PB11 and that is fine, BUT it will also hook up TIM2-CH1/CH2 to PA0/PA1 and that is not possible since I use those for a analog inputs.

Could someone please clarify this to me ?