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Need protocol docu for the factory boot loader - to use ICP

Question asked by hoefer.christian on Jan 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2013 by hoefer.christian
Hello *,
I was searching for information on the protocol of the STM32F10*** buildin boot loader. But I can't find anything beyond buad rate negotiation. Except something like "there is a GET ID command." What I found are application notes and sample code for:
1) a windows host tool to talk to this boot loader (no source included)
2) your own boot loader to be implemented on the device, receiving firmware code, write it to the flash, handle registers to unprotect etc.

What I need is command set and protocol to connect to the boot loader on the device. My scenario: STM32 is controller of a subsystem and is reseted by master on power on. By connecting BOOT0/1 to master I want to be able to boot into buildin boot loader to update the complete firmware on the STM32. The UART will also be connected to master.

Please help me with a poiter, I'm sure it's published somewhere.