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STM32VL Discovery bootloading using USART1 problem

Question asked by afzal.uzair on Jan 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2013 by afzal.uzair
I want to program STM32VL Discovery via USART1. I am using "Flash Loader Demonstrator V2.6". I have connected BOOT0 pin to 3V directly and BOOT1(PB.02) to GND. I have connected USART1  PA.09(Tx) to PC Rx and PA.10(Rx) to PC Tx via FTDI USB to UART converter which is working fine. Problem is that the Flash Loader Demonstrator is unable to connect with STM after reset.I think STM enters into System booloader mode correctly but cannot communicate with PC. I have also tried to send 0x7F manually through hyper terminal but STM is not returning any response at all. I have tried all baud rates with even parity,1 stop bit configuration. Secondly I do not understand if there is any need to use pull up resistors in circuit especially on USART pins.Please tell me the exact method for bootloader. Thanks in advance.