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STM32F407 and DCMI

Question asked by chappuis.romaine on Jan 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2013 by AMSN
Dear All,
I am using an stm32F407 to capture images coming from an imager. My imager is connected to the DCMI interface and then a DMA is responsible to move the data into the memory. So, I have just discovered that a chip bug with the revision A of the silicon does not allow to transfer the image to an external RAM controlled via the FSCM interface (see the Errata sheet for the stm32F40x ... device limitation). See the DMA2 limitation "DMA2 data corruption when managing AHB and APB peripherals in aconcurrent way".
I experimented the corrupted data behaviour.
Now, I have a 640x480 pixel of 12bit/pixel image; that means I need more than 600kbyte memory. When I connect the DMA2 with the internal memory everything is fine except that I can transfer only a small image.
Question: How can I operate to acquire 640x480 pixel of 12bit/pixel image inside the external FSMC memory? Has someone experience with the DCMI/DMA2 and large images stored in the external memory? Any suggestions or advice to help me in this respect?
Best regards