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networking STM32s

Question asked by robison.don on Jan 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2013 by fm
I have a question.  I need to connect 2 to 6 STM32s together.  I have motors I need to collectively control with a human machine interface.  Each motor will be controlled by one STM32.  The HMI also needs a STM32.  The HMI panel STM32 chip can be a master if necessary.  Which is the best way to allow the chips to communicate together.  Another issue is that they need to be isolated from each other. 

I was considering SPI, but that leads to 4 channels that need to be isolated.  I then thought about UARTs, but then I run into addressing and collision problems.  How would you do it?  Is there something I have not considered?  I considered CAN but the isolation requirement makes that unappealing.