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STM32F4 Discovery FSMC problem

Question asked by sandl.dave on Jan 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2013 by sandl.dave
I am trying to get the F4 discovery board to communicate with a FPGA board via the FSMC but I am having some problems.

I have connected the data 0-15 lines, we, oe, and addr 16-23 from the discovery to my fpga.

I can get the data to output correctly and read it on the fpga, but the problem is with the address lines.
They do not seem to be sending the address that I want them to and I don't think that I fully understand how to get them to send the address that I want.

Right now I am using the following to write data on the upper (16-23) bits of the address line.
__IO uint32_t * MYBASE4  = ((uint32_t)(0x600A0000));
I think that this should be accessing address 10 but it does not.

I write data to it with this
*MYBASE4  = 567;

This puts 567 on the data lines and the FPGA reads it correctly.

Any help on what I am missing with the address lines would be appreciated.