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dead gpio pins on 4/100 stm32407 chips

Question asked by pirie.russell on Jan 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2013 by pirie.russell
i have designed a little pcb which uses a stm32407vet. i have had 100 boards assembled. and 96 of them work great but 4 of them the gpio on 1 pin (different pin each board) is not working) same firmware on each board.

its using the A bank and the gpio goes straight to a 2x7 IDC header on the pcb.

have i some how killed the gpio when testing the boards? and zapping it with static by accidently touching the header? how static sensitive is the gpio on these stm32 chips?

I cant think what else would effect 4 boards out of 100 batch and kill of random gpio like this?

Thanks :)