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Bipolar ADC possibility

Question asked by robison.don on Dec 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2013 by jj.sprague
I will use the STM32 to drive a power supply.  The input signals to the ADC do not need any gain, so I'd like to avoid using as many OPAmps as possible.  The problem is that many of the potentials are negative or transition from positive to negative.  It's annoying to have to incorporate OPAmps onto the board for things like making the negative potential positive or shifting the zero up or down.  I would have to do these things if the ADC can only be unipolar.  If I can have a bipolar ADC I can eliminate many OPAMPS.

The problem is the document for the ADC is terrible.  I have no idea what potential is allowable on the VSSA, VDDA, Vref-, Vref+ pins.  The manual even contradicts itself and makes no sense.  IS there a better resourse of the ADC wiring and the possibility of operating it in bipolar instead of unipolar mode?