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STM3240G Camera connector

Question asked by rao.nakul on Dec 22, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2015 by tag.aseok
I have the STM3240G eval board. It has an OV2640 camera on it but I want to connect other sensors, say from Aptina. There is a camera connector provided but I was not able to find the male connector anywhere. It is supposed to be for the ST image sensor board but I couldn't find that as well. Now I can get all necessary DCMI pins from the GPIO bur the clock is available only on that connector. Can somebody please tell me what to do. If anyone has that connector please send me a link from where I can purchase it. Or else I will need an external clock source. for the clock I thought of taking SM7745HEW-24.0M which is the same one that is present on the board. If I put this on a breadboard, will the clock be stable?