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stm32 VCP drivers (problem with one driver on WinXP)

Question asked by nelup on Dec 17, 2012
Hello. I tested USB communication through VCP on my STM32F4DISCOVERY. I started with some sample code and modified it for my demand. I test it on my Vista x64 and it works.

Lately I do testing on notebook with WinXP. I install VCP_V1.3.1_Setup.exe from stm32_vcp package, driver was loaded but my device doen't work. It was strange, because any data sent from PC was returned as zero modem, but my device should only transmit my data and I didn't receive any. After some attempts I tried to install VCP_V1.3.1_Setup_x64.exe and now my device worked again.

So I have a suspicion if driver from VCP_V1.3.1_Setup.exe do behave correctly. It looks as null modem. The driver package was downloaded from ST web. Does anybody have the same experience or there should be some mistake in my code.