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From STM32F103 to STM32F107

Question asked by otachkin.alexey on Dec 17, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2012 by otachkin.alexey
We have a problem with the usage of STM32F107 microcontroller. We used STM32F103 before. Programming was made by IAR Embedded Workbench.
Now we have a working project for STM32F103, but it can not be loaded to STM32F107.

The question is: what changes should be done (maybe in project settings, or in program code, or in some configuration file), to make the same project work with STM32F107?

I'd like to say, that I'm just a beginner at microcontrollers, so I don't know many probably obvious features. So any help will be very desirable.
Thank You in advance!