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Question asked by longchair.m on Dec 15, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2012 by Clive One
Hello everyone,

I am experiencing something strange with the use of USART1 on a STM32F103 in order to decode some stream coming from a RC Receiver.

The behaviour I am getting is that once initialized, the first data will come to the IRQ of usart. the RXNE_FLAG will be set on the first char of the packet.

I will get another IRQ for the second char, but the RXNE flag will no be set at this time.
is this normal ? I thought i should get a flag set for every byte and that using USART_receive would clear the flag. am i wrong ?

I guess that as long as I am only setting the RXNE interrupt, the IRQ handler will only be called when there is a char, but i was wondering if this behaviour was normal and if not what could be a reason for this.

just to make sure I have put the code I am using here in case theer is something i do wrong.

Thanks for your comments :)