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STM32F4 I2C BTF bit is not set after DMA TX complete

Question asked by rocca.stephane on Dec 10, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2012 by rocca.stephane
Hi all,
I noticed that there is an high traffic in I2C2_EV_IRQHandler() with status 0x70080 (EV8 =I2C_EVENT_MASTER_BYTE_TRANSMITTING) after all the bytes was transmitted with success by DMA (but it's the same problem without DMA transfer).
I think the reason is that the TXE is still set, and the BTF is not (hardware will set it after several 0x70080 interrupts).

So, is there a way to force BTF to 1 after DMA IT TC ? Is it a DMA control register parameter to set ?

Even after that (BTF is set now), I noticed several interrupts with same status (0x70084 = EV8_2 = I2C_EVENT_MASTER_BYTE_TRANSMITTED), all of this repeated interrupts are useless for me.

Of course, it's not a problem for a simple TX write operation, because I can disable interrupts after sending the stop condition, but when I want to restart for a RX read sequence, it's alot of interrupts that are fired for nothing.

I think there may be a way to fix it ? don't it ?