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Unclear documentation

Question asked by Michurin on Dec 8, 2012
I'll refer to the RM0033 Doc ID 15403 Rev 5
page 826 last paragraph:
"When the SOF is detected, the MAC accepts the data and begins transmitting to the MII"
Does it mean that SOF(SFD =0xD5?) has to be part of the frame?
"After the EOF is transferred to the MAC core, the core completes normal transmission and then gives the status of transmission back to the DMA.If a normal collision (in Half-duplex mode) occurs during transmission, the MAC core makes the transmit status valid, then accepts and drops all further data until the next SOF is received. The same frame should be retransmitted from SOF on observing a Retry request (in the Status) from the MAC. The MAC issues an underflow status if the data are not provided continuously during the transmission. During the normal transfer of a frame, if the MAC receives an SOF without getting an EOF for the previous frame, then the SOF is ignored and the new frame is considered as the continuation of the previous frame."
What is EOF?
Could anyone please translate this to the readable format?!