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STM32F407 USB FS (MSC). Write hangs on USB flash drive

Question asked by antoshchenkov.roman on Dec 7, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2012 by antoshchenkov.roman
Hello! I am develop data aquisition system project on STM32F407. USB flash drive connected to USB host (OTG FS). Project based on sample from Ide is CooCox 1.6.0.

Data writes to drive by blocks 32kB each 300 ms.
After 3-11 writes to drives program hangs on next code:
file: usbh_msc_bot.c
void USBH_MSC_HandleBOTXfer (USB_OTG_CORE_HANDLE *pdev ,USBH_HOST *phost)
      URB_Status = HCD_GetURB_State(pdev , MSC_Machine.hc_num_in);
      /* Decode CSW */
      if(URB_Status == URB_DONE)
        BOTStallErrorCount = 0;
        USBH_MSC_BOTXferParam.MSCState = USBH_MSC_BOTXferParam.MSCStateCurrent ;
        USBH_MSC_BOTXferParam.BOTXferStatus = USBH_MSC_DecodeCSW(pdev , phost);
      else if(URB_Status == URB_STALL)     
        error_direction = USBH_MSC_DIR_IN;

HCD_GetURB_State(...) return URB_Status = URB_IDLE, which is not processed.
Is it USB Flash drive error? How can I solve the problem?