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STM32F4 don't start and can't programmate...

Question asked by namora.david on Dec 7, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2012 by Clive One

I have my own homemade board designed from a STM32F4 in LQFP100.
It is supplied by +3.3V power.
The JTAG is connected like that :
- TMS : p.72
- TCK : p.76
- TDO : p.89
- TDI :  p.77
- nRESET : /reset ie p.14
TMS,TDO and TMI have a pull-up (10k).
TCK have a pull down (10k).

First thing, when powering ON, the 8MHz quartz don't oscillate (JSX75 populated with 12pF).

I tried to programm and it don't found the MCU. (I'm programmating with ST-Link V2 and use this : ).
I'm using EWARM.

I check the +3.3V -> Ok
Boot0 is connected to +3.3V via à 10k resistor. -> Ok
Z revision, so no PDR_ON pin (replaced by vss).

Any idea? Any suggestions?
I'm gonna be desperate...