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DfuSeDemo.exe vs STDFUTester.exe

Question asked by pirie.russell on Dec 2, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2012 by pirie.russell
i have made a custom pcb for the stm32f407, all works great :)

but i can only use STDFUTester.exe to download the firmware in dfu mode. DfuSeDemo.exe says success but transferred bytes is 0 and it does not download the firmware.

one time i had it where DfuSeDemo.exe worked corrected and  STDFUTester.exe would not work.

But now its back to just STDFUTester.exe works.

very strange hehe. I create the .dfu file the same way each time using DfuFileMgr.exe. I cant seam to work out what's changing to cause DfuSeDemo.exe not to work but some times it does? and if DfuSeDemo.exe does not work STDFUTester.exe does work.

Any ideas?

Thanks :)