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Suspend And Resume Servicing A Pending Timer Interrupt Request

Question asked by truong.ton on Nov 30, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2012 by truong.ton

In the M3 Cortex processor world how do I suspend and resume servicing a pending timer interrupt request?  In the 8051 world, when the timer overflow the interrupt request flag(TF) is set.  If I don't want the timer interrupt service routine to run at the time the request comes in , I would clear the ET flag to stop the interrupt service routine from lanching.  Then later when I set the ET flag, the interrupt servie routine would lauch to service the interrupt request (TF).  In the Cortex world, what is the equivalent of TF and ET flag.  If I clear UIE flag in TIMx_DIER then I will never get a interrupt request.  Would it works if set the UIE flag and set the UDIS flag in TIMx_CR1 to suspend the interrupt service routine from lauching?  When I clear the UDIS flag would the interrupt service routine launch to service the interrupt request?

Thanks in advance for your help