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STM32 5V tolerant I/O ?

Question asked by Charles on Nov 25, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2012 by waclawek.jan
I'm sorry,butI do notquite5vtolerantports forSTM32.
I do not unterstand concept "Total injected current (sum of all I/O and control pin)"
STM32F0 and on 8  5V tolerant I/O connected LED with resistor powered from +5V (resistor limit current of every LED on max 5mA).
After reset is I/O configured as input. What current will flow through the I/O port from 5V over  LED + R? It injection current and  exceed this design Total injected current 25mA?


In RM0091Reference manual page 121 read protection diode on FT "V


DD_FT is a potential specific to five-volt tolerant I/Os and different from VDD".  Where thepotentialat the cathodetakes?

I/O switched, on Output with open drain (No pull-up, pull-down), if port is set on 0 LED light and current to I/O is 8x5mA.