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How do I edit input audio before playing it back?

Question asked by Confused on Nov 23, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2012 by STOne-32
Hello everyone! Newbie to the forum. I've got 0 experience with boards and microcontrollers and just started learning recently, so please excuse me for any stupid questions.

I just got the STM32F4-Discovery board to learn this stuff and really need some help. So I started working with the demo projects that were available on the board's home page. One of them was an Audio play back project that records audio through the board's microphone and then plays it back continuously. The sound is saved onto a USB drive that is connected, and that's all I know. Given that this was already made code for the demo, I have no idea what was written and how it works. 

Is there a simple way for me to maybe modify the sound before it starts playing? I wanted to have some fun with it and maybe make my voice sound like an alien or a robot or something. I figured if I tried to do something fun with it, I could learn more. I'd like to post the code, but I'm not sure what to post. 

I'm using the Keil IDE (MDK-ARM I think it's called) and I got the demo files from

Does anyone understand what I'm saying or is it all gibberish? Thanks for any help or for any guidance in the right direction!