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Power & debug/programming reference design

Question asked by farley.alexander on Nov 20, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2012 by Clive One
Is a basic reference design available for the STM32F4 family for things like power & programming header? I've looked at the data sheets but it seems that there are many different ways of programming, all spread throughout the manual. 

It looks like all I need is a SWD/JTAG header for in-system programming, but I can't figure out what pins this uses on the STM32F415ZG and what the header pinout is exactly. Is this info available somewhere?

What's the "standard"choice for programmer? Should I get an ST-LINK V2 programmer for in-system programming? I'm aware that the F4 Discovery board can be used for programming external micros but I'm not sure if this is always the most convenient choice.