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Missing DMA interrupt after I2C transmit

Question asked by KernelSanders on Nov 15, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2012 by KernelSanders
I am working on an i2c driver that utilizes DMA for the master transmits.
Everything seems to be set fine because I get hundreds of successful transactions but every once in a while, I issue a transaction but never get the DMA interrupt. I have both interrupts set for success and error and I get the success interrupt after just about every transaction.
Every once in a while, I miss the interrupt. I put some counters in the event handler to make sure that I get the expected interrupts and I do, but I never get an error interrupt and I miss that one success.
It seems to be only on the larger transfers, 268 bytes. The smaller ones all succeed and most of the 268 bytes ones succeed but I would say that once every 30 seconds of flooding the bus with transactions, the DMA doesn't interrupt.
The priority of the DMA is set to 2.
Can anyone shed some light on what may be going on?