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Using J-Link w/Discovery Boards for both F4 and F0 MCUs

Question asked by jj.sprague on Nov 12, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2012 by jj.sprague
Greetings - Seek the higher performance (faster downloads) achievable w/J-Link "SWD" rather than the "on-board" ST-Link.  Reviewed the F4 Discovery schematic - does not appear that there is any easy way to "break/open" SW_CLK and SW_DATA between the STM32F103 "Link" and the F4.

CN2 - labeled "SWD" appears to be an, "Output only" connection.  (so that the ST-Link MCU may transfer SWD to an external MCU/board).  My goal is to adapt/attach the J-Link @ CN2 - and eliminate any signal contention between the J-Link probe and the F103 "link" MCU.

Has this been tried/implemented?   Search has not uncovered this usage - but I believe that this is a worthwhile objective.   Thanks for any guidance you may provide...