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ST-Link V2 error on STM32L discovery

Question asked by kikugawa.sho on Nov 7, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2014 by Clive One
I'm trying to verify that I can program an STM32L on the Discovery board using an external ST-Link V2 debugger. As far as I know, I only need the SWDIO and SWCLK pins (7 and 9 respectively) and ground. The SWDIO line goes to PA13 and the SWCLK goes to PA14.

I have the jumpers on CN3 disconnected in hopes that cuts the built-in SWD debugger off from the STM32L. I've powered it on externally, not through USB to avoid contention. However I either get an "Internal Command Error" when I try to ping the STM32L or the core is stuck in reset (it depends on how I power it up).

Is there any way I can actually use an external debugger to talk to the STM32L on the Discovery board? I would like to verify I can do this before we spin a prototype CCA.