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Interrupt priority clarification

Question asked by longchair.m on Nov 2, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2012 by Jack Peacock
Hello guys,

I have been messing with interrupts recently and I have hard time to find in the manuals how the priorities actually work.

I have seen the priority groups and priority values. If I understood it properly, lower priorities will give the higher priority level.

Though to put it in a simple situation. lets says That I have and interrupt that 'll call IRQ1 here coming every 100ms and that it's processing is lasting 20ms.

Now lets say that I have an other IRQ called IRQ2 coming every 5 millisecond and lasting 1ms.

If IRQ2 has a higher priority than IRQ1, does this mean that IRQ2 can be fired several times withing the processing of IRQ1 ? when IRQ2 is finished within IRQ1 processing, is IRQ1 processing resumed ?

If you have further links describing the whole priority concept, thanks to point them out. I have looked into both reference manual and programming manual, but that doesn't look very clear to me :)

Thanks for any clarification.