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STM32F107RCT6 (LQFP64) - JTAG Help!

Question asked by sanchez.miguel.002 on Oct 27, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2012 by sanchez.miguel.002
Hey Guys:

Please take it easy on me, I am a rookie STM32 user.

I've recently "adopted" a new project from my employer due to the old engineer leaving the company abruptly.   I've been tasked with flashing several STM32F107RCT6 (LQFP64) in-house deisgned boards with a new firmware file.

Unfortunately, the old engineer didn't leave the board designs behind, so I've been tasked with trying to figure this mess out.  Our board uses a custom 8-pin JTAG header, but I haven't had any luck interfacing with the STM to burn the new firmware image.  The old engineer took the custom debug cables with him, and we no longer have the documentation.

I've been trying a STLINK/v2, and each time it is unable to connect to the device.  Below is our JTAG pinout header - I think I am connecting the wrong pins to the STLINK/v2 debugger - I am hoping someone is able to clarify (in easy terms!) which of each of these pins should connect to the STLINK/v2.  The pinouts get confusing to me, being a novice.

(Our) Pin Header / Pin on STM32 / Pin Identifier / Pin Function per documents:

1 -  Pin 63/47/18/12 (vss)
2 - n/c
3 - 50 - PA15 - JTDI / SPI3 / I2S3
4 - 57 - PB5 - I2C1 / SPI3 / I2S3
5 - 46 - PA13 - TJMS-SWDIO
6 - 56 - PB4 - JNTRST - SPI3 MSIO
7 - 49 - PA14 - JTCK-SWCLK
8 - 13 / 19 /32 / 48 / 64 - VDD

Thank you so much in advance for any help you can provide.  Greatly appreciated!