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help!A problem among BSRR,BSRRL and BSRRH

Question asked by jackson.david.001 on Oct 13, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2012 by Clive One


when I build my project,an error "User\main.c(12): error:  #136: struct "<unnamed>" has no field "BSRR"   " was appeared .
yes,I check the " STM32F2xx_StdPeriph_Lib_V1.1.0 " of STM32F2XX , it doesn't exits the BSRR but BSRRL and follows:

//in the  stm32f2xx.h
typedef struct
  __IO uint32_t MODER;    /*!< GPIO port mode register,               Address offset: 0x00      */
  __IO uint32_t OTYPER;   /*!< GPIO port output type register,        Address offset: 0x04      */
  __IO uint32_t OSPEEDR;  /*!< GPIO port output speed register,       Address offset: 0x08      */
  __IO uint32_t PUPDR;    /*!< GPIO port pull-up/pull-down register,  Address offset: 0x0C      */
  __IO uint32_t IDR;      /*!< GPIO port input data register,         Address offset: 0x10      */
  __IO uint32_t ODR;      /*!< GPIO port output data register,        Address offset: 0x14      */
  __IO uint16_t BSRRL;    /*!< GPIO port bit set/reset low register,  Address offset: 0x18      */
  __IO uint16_t BSRRH;    /*!< GPIO port bit set/reset high register, Address offset: 0x1A      */
  __IO uint32_t LCKR;     /*!< GPIO port configuration lock register, Address offset: 0x1C      */
  __IO uint32_t AFR[2];   /*!< GPIO alternate function registers,     Address offset: 0x24-0x28 */
} GPIO_TypeDef;

But all the Manual Reference incluces the latest  mention the  GPIOx_BSRR and tell the user how to use it . 
No any document indicate the BSRRH and BSRRL .
And now,for the mismatch between the latest Manual Reference(RM0033) and its STM32F2xx_StdPeriph_Lib , I don't know how to solve it?

who tells me?