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OOK - Direct Rx Through GPIO

Question asked by viel.enrico on Oct 29, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by pepe.federico
Hi all
I'm trying to use SPIRIT1 as a simple receiver of OOK modulated signal using DIRECT RX MODE THROUGH GPIO but i'm not able to obtain a clean signal, I've always spurious commutations inside my data frame.
It seems that signal is too slow compared with SPIRIT speed in gain change so i can see a lot of noise in the signal pauses inside the frame.

Here some information about the signal:
 - frequency 433.92MHz
 - bandwidth 300kHz
 - Frame duration about 100ms
 - Pause inside the frame (up to 6ms)
 - Pause between frames 15ms

I tried to use ACG with the largest measure time. It removes some noise but signal remain corrupted.

Have you any idea? How can I improve the reception?

One last question, have you some idea about why in the datasheet there is some registers with reserved fields that are used by ST Library functions to change parameters, but they are not documented in the datasheet (for example SpiritRadioSetAGCHoldTime())?

Thank in advance